Quality in dementia care
    • 21 Oct 16
    • Care, Safety and Leadership all good

      The CQC have inspected us again and have recognised that significant improvements have been made to the service since the last inspection. They said that care, safety and leadership of the service was all good. They told us that improvements needed to be made in the areas of responsiveness and effectiveness. We did not agree with their findings, as the three areas that they said needed improvements had been addressed during the inspection. The three areas that they said required improvement were as follows:

      Staff supervision – they told us that a staff member said that they did not receive enough supervision. We always tell staff that they can receive additional supervision if requested, and it was recognised by the inspector that the manager and owner were approachable and had an open door policy. We have now reiterated to staff that supervision is always available and we will schedule supervision more regularly if and when requested, or identified by the manager as necessary.

      Activities – they told us that one person had requested to go to the pub in the evening but there was not enough staff available. We were confused by this, as the manager had not been informed at the time of the request to go to the pub. If she had been informed via the on call system, she would have been able to facilitate the request. However to make the on call system more robust, we have now arranged for an on call activity worker to be available for situations such as this.

      Bed rail risk assessments and consent – we did not have appropriate consent or risk assessment forms in place for bed rails. This was rectified during the inspection, and is recognised in the report.

      We hope that the CQC will return soon, to see that the changes have been positive and recognise the good work that goes on at Abbey Lodge.